How to Write a Bibliography

Learn the best way to write Bibliography!

Book Citations:

Bibliographic citations for books vary. These examples can help you write your bibliography for many types of book citations.

Book with one author:

Higham, Cindy. Snowflakes for All Seasons. Salt Lake City: Gibbs Smith, 2004.
The author is listed, last name first. The title is underlined. The city where the book is published is listed followed by a colon and the name of the publisher. The year the book is published is then listed followed by a period.

Book with two authors:

Rhatigan, Joe and Newcomb, Rain. Prize Winning Science Fair Projects for Curious Kids. 
New York: Lark Books, 2004.

A book that has an editor:

Dickins, Rosie, ed. The Usborne Introduction to Art. Tulsa: EDC Publications, 2004.

A book without an author:

Fodor’s ’05 Costa Rica. New York: Fodor’s Travel Publication, 2005.

An article in a book without an author:

“Afghanistan.” Time Almanac. Needham, MA: Pearson Education Inc., 2005.
The title of the article is listed before the title of the book.
If the city of publication is unfamiliar, the name of the state or country is listed as well.

Encyclopedia and Other Reference Books:

An encyclopedia article may or may not have an author. The author’s name can be found at the end of the article. An article that has an author is called a “signed article.”

Signed articles:

Dundes, Alan. “Magic.” World Book Encyclopedia. Volume 13. Chicago: World
Book Inc., 2005.
The name of the encyclopedia article is placed after the author’s name and put in quotation marks.

Unsigned articles:

“Human Spaceflight.” Compton’s Encyclopedia. Volume 22. Chicago, Encyclopedia,
Britannica, 2004.

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