How to Write a Bibliography

Learn the best way to write Bibliography!

f there is an author, list it first. Title of item is underlined. [online]. Date of access and put the <website address> in brackets
eg: Australian Scientists Prove Less Trees, Less Rain. Online. 10 March 2005.

Internet Citation for an Articles from an Online Database like Infotrac or Biography Resource:
“Bowling for Bounty.” Consumer Reports. January 2004: 7. Infotrac. Gale Group
Databases. Downers Grove Public Library. 15 March 2005.

Author’s name first. Then the title of the article, followed by the title of the magazine or newspaper, the date of publication, and then the page number(s). Name of the database, name of the service (the company that provided the site), the name of the library that provided the service, date of access, and the network address.

The pattern should be,
• Name of author/s 
• Year of publication, 
• Title of webpage
• Date accessed, 
• URL 

Try to find as much information as possible about an Internet document in order to determine whether it is accurate or not. It is especially important to try to find out about the author of an Internet document, whether a person, organization or institution.

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