How to Write a Bibliography

Learn the best way to write Bibliography!

Now that you have spent precious time and put in blood, sweat and tears in writing a significant paper, composition or an article, you must be speculating how to write a bibliography for the same. You’ve reached the end of the paper and now are wondering if writing bibliographies is your kind of game or not.

As a matter of fact, writing a bibliography can be a joyful experience. You don’t need to cross the Rubicon to write one. I shall explain how. By following the methods that I have shown you below, writing one will be a breeze.

First and foremost you shall have to know what a bibliography demands. A brief definition of a Bibliography states that it is the description and study of books. You can have systematic or enumerative bibliographies. You may also have a critical or analytical bibliography that studies book production. Tertiary sources are always measured as bibliographical works. Lost you there did I?

As a layman, it is just a list of stuff that you have used to research your content. If you have used one meager paragraph from a vague website – Cite it. OR if you have taken most of your content from some books – Cite it too. Get the drift?

Next, you should have a text pad or note pad handy where you jot down notes to keep and maintain a list of all the sources that have been used in creating your ‘beautiful ultimate piece of work’.

Cite your sources as you write your paper. Don’t wait – as chances are, you will forget where you sourced the part of the content from. Always remember: Cite the title of the author, the publisher, the date and the place where the article was published. These you can say are the golden rules for writing a bibliography.

The rules of writing a bibliography should be a piece of cake if you are familiar with it. Yes, like the way you drive on the road and stop at signals, there are laws and rules governing bibliography writing. You can browse through some of the examples that we have on this website to familiarize yourself with the style and rules. Books have different ways of citing a bibliography, magazines have other ways and articles also have their own ways.

Some Other ideas that you may use:

1) Cite the bibliography alphabetically. Try to cut down on the use of pronouns as they don’t really look good on citations.

2) If your material came from more than one author, then cite them in the order they should be cited on the main page.

Finally, (whew!) we come to the last point.

Check, check and recheck your material and your sources. Just to be sure – double-check it to make sure that the information you have provided is not only correct – but immaculate.

Writing bibliographies does involve a little bit of hard work but it is essential to your creation and simply should not be disregarded.

Just follow the above mentioned rules and steps, you’ll have a bibliography larger than you can handle!

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