How to Write a Bibliography

Learn the best way to write Bibliography!

Giving credit or praise to sources that have been used in your article or book should be ideally listed below the article or towards the end of the book. Relevance obviously is absolutely critical but it needs to be mentioned nevertheless.

These sources also provide information that is valuable to the person that is reading your work or if they wish to conduct further examinations to find out more on the aforesaid subject. This is what a bibliography entails.

However, in this case a bibliography that is annotated goes slightly deeper and further describes how the sources in that list would be valuable to the author who is creating any argument, article or paper. Each description relatively is a few sentences long and summaries every source and cites its relevance to its field of research or subject.

An annotated bibliography can also be termed as a way to characterize information and cite it to its unique source. This further assists in the reduction of plagiarism. In simple terms, plagiarism is an act that entails copying of someone’s information or from an original article, book or resource.

The World Wide Web is awesome for conduction research on almost any subject under the sun and in this juncture gives access to thousands of articles, research papers and other relevant information. It is almost as easy as copy and paste from a user’s keyboard that one can take data and information from one source and put it up completely as their own Even if one uses another’s idea to create something without citing its sources of inspiration is also another way of plagiarism.

Rumours are created when information travels from one mouth to another ear and then to another’s ear and so on. When it reaches the tenth ear the information that was passed by the first person ends up as a completely different subject!

The same way, copying someone’s work without citing the original source dilutes the information and then it subsequently loses quality and makes no sense in the end. This has a dual effect. Lesser and lesser people will actually wish to share information for fear of plagiarism and this definitely spoils the very nature of the internet.

Therefore, protect yourself and the author of the original article by properly citing the sources that you have used and make the internet a better place to be. This shall help in the long run as more people will be willing to share their information since they know that they will be credited for sharing it in the first place.

The next time whenever you write an article, paper or argument – ask yourself this question. What if your content was taken and used somewhere else without crediting you for anything?

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